01 / Savannah Sullivan, Crossfit Athlete

02 / Profile

Natural Ambition ambassador Savannah competes in Crossfit, and placed 1st at the Four At War Crossfit competition in 2017. She’s also a dance fitness instructor and because of this, embraces everything that a sporty lifestyle offers: athleticism, challenge, community, and personal reward. Savannah loves fuelling her training with good food, and natural organic sports supplements.


Savannah’s training is constantly challenging and always rewarding. Since starting Crossfit in 2015, she has become passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Savannah knows that good fuel leads to better training, and improved wellbeing in everyday life.  So, our products help her stay on track during training, competitions, and very busy days.

“Crossfit is one of the best things I have done,” says Savannah. “It is about learning what you are capable of. It doesn’t just train your body – it benefits your mind, too. Nutrition and fitness are my passion and my priority. I am so glad to be part of a healthy sports nutrition brand that really cares about the integrity of their ingredients.

“A healthy diet and good supplements are crucial if you want to achieve your goals. Natural Ambition’s products are an amazing organic fuel which will benefit anyone who wants to be healthy and active.”

We are delighted to support Savannah as she promotes the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.

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'Crossfit is by far one of my greatest achievements'