01 / Our Story

Our founder, Paul, is so dedicated to natural, organic nutrition that he created an entire company based on the concept of supporting health through natural foods. Natural Ambition means more people can experience the benefits of honest, pure sports nutrition.

02 / How It Began

20 years ago while studying for a degree I was determined to educate myself about nutrition and sports performance. But there was a good reason for that – I had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. All of a sudden, I had to understand how nutrition can keep the human body healthy and enhance my athletic performance.


03 / How I Did It

I was convinced that natural foods could play a central role in my fitness and wellbeing. All through University, I kept up with developments in food science, sports supplements, and nutrition. I learned through trial and error, but always came back to the research, learning how supplements enhance sporting performance, and how they affect muscle gain, strength, endurance, and focus.

Sure enough, I discovered the power of certain natural foods and supplements. Not just for helping to enhance my athletic performance, increasing energy, improved sleep and increasing focus but also to keep my condition stable. It was incredible to see how the right food helped to stay active and achieve athletic goals.

04 / The Facts

After many years studying, reading, and learning from the best, I made my ambition a reality: producing organic, pure, natural sports supplements under my brand Natural Ambition.

Our flagship products are Organic Whey and Organic Energy & Hydration Blend, but we have lots of products in development. Keep up to date with us on social media, or join our mailing list and I’ll let you know more about them.

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Dairy Free

Nut Free

Thanks for putting your trust in Natural Ambition.

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