01 / Our Story

I developed Natural Ambition from my dedication to natural, organic nutrition, which supports and enhances athletic performance.  With my team, we carefully developed our products so everything is organic and natural and at the same time providing maximum benefits.  So, if you’re a pro athlete or weekend warrior, our performance nutrition will enhance your sporting ability naturally.

02 / The early days – Paul, Founder

Sport has been a main focus of my life, running, weight training, mountain biking and most recently CrossFit.  I’m not a pro athlete by any means, but I give it my all, which includes focusing on the Science that is nutrition.  In the past I have tried and tested many foods which have been proven to enhance performance to fine tune my own blend and smoothy formulas.   Focusing on nutrition also kept my condition, Type 1 Diabetes very well controlled and removed the reliance to take sport supplements containing artificial additives, GMO, Gluten and fillers.


03 / How I Did It

The key was to keep up with developments in food science, sports supplements and nutrition.  Learning how supplements enhance sporting performance, and how they benefit muscle gain, strength, endurance, and focus.

Natural foods can play a huge role in fitness and well-being. The power certain natural foods and supplements can bring, not just to enhance athletic performance, increasing energy & focus but also how they can be of benefit to many health conditions.  You may have gathered by now, I see nutrition as being key!

04 / The result

With the support of a fantastic team, Natural Ambition has become a reality.

Our core products are Organic Whey and Organic Coconut Water Powder, with electrolytes and energy, but we have many more products in development.  See the icons below for the dietary needs our products cover.  Follow us on Social Media using the links at the end of the page to stay up to date with our developments.

Gluten Free



Dairy Free

Nut Free

Thanks for putting your trust in Natural Ambition.