01 / Who we are


Our mission is simple: to support your active lifestyle with honest healthy sports nutrition. No mystery ingredients, no proprietary blends, and nothing artificial! Only organic, natural ingredients which deliver real performance benefits.

02 / Our Values

Our Products – We use organic, natural and sustainable ingredients, which deliver results.

Artificial what? – We will not use any artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives in our products at all.

Sustainable Packaging – We do not use any plastic in our packaging or use any fillers in our cardboard boxes.  Our packaging is recyclable!

No Scoops – To reduce the plastic we use, we suggest to either use a tablespoon, teaspoon or a good set of scales instead of a scoop.

Transparency – We will be clear on what our products contain and keep you up to date with the decisions we make.


03 / Our Approach

We work with sports nutritionists to develop our own products.
We know exactly what goes into every batch of every product.
We trace our ingredients back to the growers and suppliers.

04 / Our Ingredients

We are transparent about the ingredients in each product and the benefit each ingredient will bring.
Every ingredient is natural or organic, and we never add anything unless it’s of benefit.
Our ingredients, formulas, and measures are clearly labelled on our recyclable tubs.

The Difference

At Natural Ambition, we wanted to not only provide organic nutrition from wholefood sources, which deliver results, but to also apply the same thinking to the packaging we use.  We took our time sourcing suitable packaging which was not only fit for purpose but also sustainable and can be recycled. So we’re pleased to say that our packaging is made from cardboard and is fully recyclable

Our list of ingredients are encouragingly short. We use the purest ingredients so your body spends less time digesting and the nutrients are absorbed more efficiently and quickly.  Another plus to our natural ingredients is that you can use our products for more than just shakes, the whey protein especially can be used for baking!

Natural Ambition’s nutrition, hydration, and recovery products help fuel endurance sport, support your training, and build your strength.

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